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Nagchampa Celestial Blue Sticks blend natural florals, a hint of sandalwood and a base note of patchouli wood. It is very close to magnolia or jasmine flowers.

This light floral scent aids in relaxation by creating a soothing and comfortable environment.

The positive energy that emanates from the burning of these incense sticks encourages people to perform at their best. It diffuses a tranquil atmosphere that transports you to a foggy morning. It spreads peace and harmony.

This aroma is perfect to burn off during a relaxing activity, such as yoga, meditation, journaling, or prayer. Antibacterial properties purify and sanctify the environment for an atmosphere free of negativity. Burning a staff during spiritual activities invoking enlightenment can help you achieve your desires more easily.

Blue Celestial Rods are great for burning before sleep as they create a blessed environment around you. Celestial beings such as guardian angels transcend themselves to shield you from all negativity and help you get a good night's sleep. These aids therefore relieve insomnia.

Helps relieve insomnia
They have a natural floral scent
They have antibacterial properties
They are used for wealth and human desires related to witchcraft.
They spread tranquility
Each packet contains 15 grams (10/12 sticks in each packet)
12 packs in a box
Each pack contains between 10 and 12 sticks (determined by weight)
Each incense stick is individually hand rolled in high quality oils. The thickness of each stick may therefore vary slightly.

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