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The Spitfire classic 54mm 99a skateboard wheels are a high quality urethane blend that resists flat spots and rolls fast on all smooth surfaces. They feature a classic logo that will totally trip you up if you stare at the spinning wheel for too long.

wheel size - The 54mm size is an ideal size for streets and parks. It helps to retain more speed on flat surfaces and have better momentum in small transitions, while offering fast and predictable pop, with more stable lock-in in the grinds. An ideal size for medium to tall humans who can flip and grind all the street and park features.

Wheel shape / Profile : Classic - Spitfire claims this is the most used wheel shape in the skateboarding world. And it probably is. This shape first appeared in the early 90s and has remained popular ever since. It is characterized by a large radius from the bearing seat, which produces a fairly narrow contact patch. This is a versatile wheel par excellence. For more information, read Spitfire Wheel Shapes Explained.

The classic 99A formula : Formulated from the original Spitfire recipe, this classic formula is still very popular. This is a modern version that has been improved over time. Spitfire pilots have trusted it for years. Among the hard formulas, it is a bit more forgiving. The Classic formula is the ideal all-terrain wheel and could be considered the best all-around Spitfire. Since it is slightly softer, it can flatten out a bit more easily than the new Formula Four wheels. What's nice about the Classics is that the natural-colored wheels have a crisp, minty white look. For more information, read the Spitfire wheel formulas explained.


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