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Determine the starting point

Each hole begins at a tee box, which is marked with a wooden or metal plaque. Players must start their game from the tee box.

Throw the disc to the basket

Players must throw their disc from the marked spot and play as many strokes as necessary to reach the basket.

Mark the disk location

Once the disc has landed, the player must mark the location of the disc before retrieving it for the next throw. It is important to mark the location with an object such as a mini-disc or marker to avoid accidentally moving the disc.

Play catch shots if necessary

If the disc lands in a difficult place, such as bushes or trees, the player can play a catch shot to retrieve the disc and continue play. Penalty strokes can be added to the score if necessary.

Use putting to reach the basket

Putting is a short-range shot used to reach the basket.

Players must use a light grip and an arcing trajectory to land the disc in the basket.

Players can also use an approach to approach the basket before making a putt.

Count the hits

Players must count the number of shots needed to reach the basket. The player who reaches the basket using the fewest possible strokes wins the hole.

Proceed to the next hole

After reaching the basket, players move to the next hole and repeat the process until all holes are played. The player with the fewest total strokes at the end of all the holes wins the game.

practical advice

How to throw the disc?

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Choose the appropriate disc

The discs have different shapes and weights which affect their flight and accuracy. Beginners should use a slow speed disc with a straight trajectory to aid learning.

Hold the disc with the correct posture and grip

The grip should be comfortable and firm to prevent the disc from falling out of your hand while throwing. The posture should be straight and relaxed to facilitate the movement of the arm.

Rotate your body and throw the disc towards the target

The rotation of the body is the basis of the throw. The player must rotate the body keeping the arm extended to gain momentum and throw the disc towards the target using the force of rotation.

Follow the trajectory of the disc

After throwing the disc, it is important to follow its trajectory to determine where it will land. Players must watch the direction, height and speed of the disc.

Consider throwing effect for left-handed versus right-handed

Both left-handed and right-handed players will need to adjust their throw to account for the natural curvature of the disc. Right-handed players should throw slightly to the left, while left-handed players should throw slightly to the right.

Experiment with different types of throws

There are several types of throws, such as backhand, flick, roller, etc. Players can experiment with different throw types to see what works best for them.

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