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Dracula's Blood incense is known for its protection against negative energies and low vibrations. The aroma that comes from burning this incense is very intoxicating and instantly gives the space a feeling of sacredness and security.

These incense sticks are a blend of organic ingredients including resins, unique herbs, flowers and essential oils. These ingredients mixed with sandalwood create a complex scent with many nuances, such as benzoin and layers of woody aromas. It has a hint of sweetness, like a duller version of amber. Dracula's blood incense is also a symbol of good luck.

This aroma helps enhance your meditation and self-care experience. Whatever your mood, burning this incense will make you feel more rested and at peace. It is therefore perfect for all occasions. It is generally used for bewitchment and spiritual activities.

This incense does not contain Dracula's blood. We're sure you already knew this, but we still wanted to clear up any confusion.

  • Medicinal properties
  • Used for creating ink
  • It helps create a positive environment
  • Symbol of good fortune
  • Diffuses an intoxicating scent
  • Presented in a box of 10-12
  • Made organically
  • Hand rolled


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